Events is a live centralized database that normalizes data signals from a wide variety of the machine tools. Events offers real-time and

historic API access to this data for use across any ERP, MES, OEE, or custom in-house platform.

Detailed machine and production data helps to drive informed decisions that are critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

The WireFreeCNC Events Server Software provides an automated method for the collection and display of real-time data. It supports a variety of communication protocols including, MTConnect, Fanuc Focus, Okuma Think, DPrint Statements, and more. All events are stored in an SQL compliant database through which reports can be quickly displayed. The visual representation of shop floor data provides a dashboard for users at all levels. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Machine Tool Efficiency (MTE) can be gathered to determine where and if bottlenecks occur. With this system in place a point of reference can be made so that all processes put in place can be measured to determine the effectiveness of their implementation.

Get real time visualizations for your machine tools on your shop floor. Customize our ‘eagle eye’ dashboard to resemble your shop floor layout. Easily switch between custom layouts to monitor multiple buildings, or machine groups.

 Shop Floor Management

Complex States, Job Scheduling, and ERP Integration

Many events happening on the shop floor cannot be collected autonomously. If a machine is idle, is it in or waiting for maintenance, is it in setup, did the operator step away? Through our operator interfaces we can qualify these more complex states. Operators can simply select an option from a menu of common occurrences.

Quickly notify supervisors, engineering, or maintenance of issues at specific machines. Send notifications with the click of a button via either email, or SMS.

Operators can also receive job schedules directly from the company’s ERP system or database