What is Mastercam?

Mastercam is the world’s most widely used CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing/Machining) system but what does that mean and where does it fit in for you?

More people are more familiar with CAD (Computer Aided Design) which is a tool that takes a concept from mind, or napkin sketch, to a concrete concept. But what next? That concept still needs to be manufactured to exist in the physical world. Today, all but the most simple parts are manufactured on machine tools driven by a computer. How do you take that CAD model and put it in the machine? The answer is Mastercam.

Mastercam Advanced Features

Mastercam gives you the tools to apply cutter paths to any CAD Model and generate the computer code to drive the machine the way you want to drive it for top efficiency. Advanced features like Dynamic Mill allows you to cut cycle times dramatically, increase tool life and breathe new life into lighter duty machines. Mastercam Lathe is packed full of tools that will make your turning more efficient. With the addition of Mastercam Mill Turn environments you gain the ability to sync multi spindle and turret machines, and full simulation of what’s happening in your machine.

Mastercam’s CAD functionality is designed to give you CAD tools for Manufacturing. Automatic creation of simple things like a thread relief groove, or the ability to heal a complex model before putting cutter paths on it speeds up your programming, allowing you to get code to your machine quicker.

Continuous Updates

If you are the type of manufacturer who is always looking for process improvements, you can be rest assured that Mastercam is the same way. With every new release of Mastercam they add new tools and features that not only reduce your cycle times but increase the efficiency of your programming workflow. In the last several releases they have introduced functionalities such as B-Axis turning, mesh repair and modeling tools, a unified Multi-Axis interface, and several new surfacing tools and much more.

Mastercam is the best tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their machine tools from the most basic 2-axis machine, to the most complex multi-axis machining centers. Its intuitive and easy to use interface lowers the learning curve. Its extensive use in manufacturing, engineering, and STEM programs creates a vast reserve of qualified talent that can be tapped in the hiring process when the need arises to bring on new programmers.

Dave Matuszek

Dave Matuszek has 25+ years of experience in Manufacturing and has been a Mastercam user since 1995 and a SOLIDWORKS user since 2006. David is a CSWP and has worked in aerospace, tool and die making, and general production work. Prior to becoming part of the TriMech family he was the Senior Mastercam Applications Engineer at MACDAC Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, amateur radio, working around his small farm, and volunteering with local organizations such as being a member of the Shriners.
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