What is Mastercam Collision Checking?

What happens when my tool holder is going to collide with the part that I’m machining? In this video, we’ll go over the Mastercam Collision Checker and some tips and tricks on how to leverage this feature.

Mastercam Collision Checking

With Mastercam 2023, all portions of the stock model outside of the containment boundary are checked for collisions on Dynamic OptiRough, Area Roughing, and Horizontal Area toolpaths when Collision Checking is enabled on the holder page. Rest Material must be enabled on the Stock page for this to work.

Dave Matuszek

Dave Matuszek has 25+ years of experience in Manufacturing and has been a Mastercam user since 1995 and a SOLIDWORKS user since 2006. David is a CSWP and has worked in aerospace, tool and die making, and general production work. Prior to becoming part of the TriMech family he was the Senior Mastercam Applications Engineer at MACDAC Engineering. In his spare time he enjoys woodworking, amateur radio, working around his small farm, and volunteering with local organizations such as being a member of the Shriners.

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