Universal CNC Communication Hub

WF3: Becoming self-aware – Connecting to any machine.

The gateway to intelligent manufacturing… TheWF3 is a multipurpose, wireless data hub for machines and their peripherals.

Designed for industrial machining environments, the WF3 is ideal for CNC communications, data collection, and peripheral device connectivity.

Universal Connectivity

Compatible with both modern and legacy CNC machines, combining Serial, Ethernet, Digital IO, USB, and WiFi into a single device.

By offering one point of connection for all data collection and distribution, WF3 eases the deployment and support of hardware interfaces throughout a manufacturing plant.

 Seamless Integration

Built for rapid deployment of DNC, OEE, and IIoT systems via wireless Plug & Play operation.

MTConnect compliance provides compatibility with WireFreeCNC software solutions and other leading data management platforms.

WF3’s security conscious design meets the latest wireless security standards.

Modular Design

Designed to integrate into any workspace and expand to fit any future demands.

Easily deploy peripheral devices via built-in USB support. Optional Bluetooth adaptor allows for wireless peripheral device support.

Scalable and Expandable PLC integration options for additional machine interfaces.

  • Move machinery anywhere, anytime with NO extra cabling cost EVER.
  • Save costly setup time by transferring files at the FASTEST possible baud rates.
  • Eliminate downtime due to costly repairs after a lightning strike.
  • Minimizes conflicts in coordinating multiple departments when moving machines.
  • Ideal for new buildings or shops with overhead cranes.

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