Updating a Mastercam Nethasp

You must update your code by sitting at the Mastercam server, you cannot update the Nethasp via remote connection.

  1. Confirm the Serial Number in the attachment in the email matches the number on the Nethasp.
  2. Save the hcode file out of the email to your desktop.
  3. Find the code file you saved to your desktop, then double click it if it updates successfully, you can stop here. If it did not update proceed to next step.
  4. Download the latest NetHaspX utility here.
  5. Once downloaded, unzip it and run the utility.
  6. In the NetHaspX utility set mode to Local.
  7. Click Update code file.
  8. Navigate to the code file on your desktop from the email.
  9. Select the file.
  10. Once back in the NetHaspX utility, click Update.
  11. Confirm product and dates are correct.
  12. Change mode to Network then click Read. Confirm again the product and dates are correct.
  13. Then click OK, and you are done updating a Mastercam Nethasp in just a few steps!

Aric Duprey

Aric Duprey is a Client Success Analyst with MACDAC Engineering / TriMech
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