CAM Add-on for Increasing Productivity: Easy, Fast, Powerful 2D/3D Tool Set

Traditional history-based CAD systems are designed for full-time CAD users. On the shop floor, however, these systems can get in the way of getting parts out the door. SpaceClaim takes a different approach, letting you manipulate geometry however you see fit to get on with production with its built-in CAM add-on capabilities and integration with CAM solutions.


  • Open and edit parts from any CAD system
  • Create and print a hole table from an imported part in ten clicks
  • Use SpaceClaim’s unique and powerful de-featuring tools to create in-process models for different machining operations
  • Design jigs and fixtures off of in-process models
  • Make edits quickly and easily, without having to use a complicated CAD system
  • Adjust geometry correctly to account for the manufacturing process


  • Focus on tools that get the job done
  • More cost-effective than traditional CAD
  • Eliminate waste from your CAD process
  • Never worry about rebuild errors slowing you down

SpaceClaim – New Mastercam Productivity Add-On: Easy-Fast-Powerful 2D/3D Tool-Set