Serving Others

Supporting the local, national and global community.

Rescue Missions

Local Care: You can make a difference in many people lives by investing in your local food kitchen, Rescue Missions and in churches that have street ministries that supply for individuals and families in needs.

Golf Tournaments

Their are many ways to support organizations. Many organization raise money through Golf Tournaments. Sign up or even sponser a hole.


You can sponsor churches and other organization by investing in their uniforms.


You can invest in Children and even villages such as the Watoto Village based in Uganda, East Africa.

The Watoto Village setting reflects a familiar traditional dwelling for people in Africa. The houses in their villages are positioned in clusters of nine houses, and provide all the essentials of a basic home.


Their are many countries that like that you can support where sickness are prevalent. Project Compassion in Narsapur India is a mission field where donations are needed. They supply help for children with aids, many or orphan’s. They help and treat many people through their hospital and their other facilities.


Supporting your local Police Department is important. They lay their lives on the line supporting their community. When they call for charitable giving consider donating to show you appreciate all that they do for you, your family, your neighbors and the community at large.


Their is a host of other local, national and global need. Consider giving your time and finances. You will be blessed as you serve the needs that are brought to your door.