On-site Training

MACDAC recognizes that every company has unique training needs. We can customize and tailor classes to suit those needs with maximum flexibility, whether you host them here or at your own facility.
Call 860-749-5544 x 200 for information on customized training solutions!

MACDAC requests the following conditions for onsite curriculum classes:

  • There needs to be a “classroom” type training room to accommodate all students. (Cubicles are not recommended)
  • Computers with the current version of Mastercam must be provided for each student and for the instructor.
  • A video projector must be connected to the instructor’s computer.
  • A screen should be placed in front of the room
  • The classroom setup should place the instructor in the back of the room so the instructor can see all student computers from the instructor computer.
  •  Students should turn off all cell phones as not to be disturbed during class hours.
  • If a student needs to be pulled out of class, the class will continue and he/she will have to review the materials on their own time or ask the instructor for availability.