Milling Solutions

Mastercam Mill Solutions

Give your shop the best possible foundation for fast and efficient milling. From general purpose methods such as optimized pocketing to highly specialized toolpaths like 5-axis turbine cutting, with Mastercam Mill, your parts are produced faster, with greater accuracy, quality, and repeatability.

Many of the products we use every day are made with the help of Mastercam Mill. This software delivers a full array of machining strategies and so much more. Mastercam milling solutions can be customized to what your shop needs today and easily scaled to meet your future manufacturing needs.

  • A full design package based on a machinists needs including wireframe, surfaces, and solids design              
  • A wide range of toolpath modules, from industry-leading 2D/3D Dynamic milling strategies to multiaxis and specialized options like Port Expert and Blade Expert.

Mill Entry Solution

Mastercam Mill Entry gives you the toolpaths you need for machining basic 2D parts. This package comes with all the design capabilities for geometry creation to solid modeling. Mastercam Mill Entry is a great starting package and also give you the tools to generate effective and efficient toolpaths for your 2D prismatic parts.

Toolpaths Include: Contour, pocket, area milling, blend and drill and hole making toolpaths.

Mastercam Mill IconMill 2D Solution 

Mastercam’s 2D toolpaths deliver easy and optimized pocketing, contouring, drilling, facing, and much more.

Serious 2D capability.

From simple to complex, Mastercam Mill’s 2D machining capability delivers the tools you need to compete.

  • Feature Based Machining (FBM) automatically programs prismatic solid features like drill holes, contours, and pockets.
  • Easy, automated, flexible hole making.
  • Precision chip control for a wide set of tools, plus specialized tool support including ISCAR®’s High Efficiency Machining (HEM) tool set and more.

Dynamic Motion powers much of our 2D solutions. It allows you to maximize your material removal rate and can lower your cycle time, while increasing the life of your cutting tools.

Mastercam Mill IconMill 3D Solution 

Mastercam provides unsurpassed control on surface cuts, delivering superior finishes and optimized cycle times.

Our finish is more finished.

  • Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology powers dramatically efficient roughing.
  • Constant scallop machining maintains a consistent finish on sloped and flat surfaces.
  • Constant-Z rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas needing a smaller tool.
  • Hybrid finishing creates a single toolpath that changes cut methods as the slope changes.
  • Pencil tracing walks a tool along the intersection of surfaces to clean out hard-to-reach areas.

Cut multiple surfaces, solid models, and STL data — our refined 3D toolpaths give you a smooth, precision finish to please even your toughest customers.The proof of any CAM software is what comes off the machine. Mastercam is crafted to help you get the best possible finish in the shortest amount of time.

Mastercam Multiaxis IconMulti Axis Solution

From basic 5-axis contours to Dynamic roughing and complex finishing, Mastercam is built to streamline multiaxis programming.

 Complexity simplified.

With Mastercam, you have complete control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: cut pattern, tool axis control, and collision avoidance. From 4-axis rotary and roll-die cutting to multiblade impellers with tight internal cuts, Mastercam helps simplify even the most complex jobs.

Other highlights include:

  • Multisurface 5-axis roughing and finishing (including depth cuts), plunge roughing, and flowline machining.
  • Swarf machining over multisurface floors.
  • Advanced gouge checking, a “safe zone” around the part, and safe linking between operations.

Fast, simple 5-axis trimming and stock-aware drilling. Ability to create full 5-axis motion from a 3-axis toolpath.

5 Axis Drilling Icon

Curve – Drill 5 Axis 

5-Axis Curve Machining and Drilling helps you make better use of the capabilities that 5-axis machines provides.

Multi Axis Machining Made Easy, Period.

Your multiaxis machine is capable of drilling holes from different angles with a single fixture setup, saving time and increasing productivity. The power of multiaxis drill becomes apparent on parts that contain multiple holes with center lines pointing in different directions.

Tool axis control is what separates multiaxis toolpaths from normal surface, chain, and point toolpaths. The ability to manipulate the angle of the tool, relative to the cut pattern, puts a greater amount of control in your hands. The cut speed, finish quality, and tool life can all be improved with tool axis control.

Mastercam 5-Axis Curve Machining and Drilling is a practical point of entry into multiaxis machining, creating quality toolpaths while reducing programming time.5 Axis Trimmings

Blade Expert iconBlade Expert

Generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine propellers is a complex 5-axis challenge. Machining these multibladed shapes usually requires special multistep, multiaxis programming, but Mastercam Blade Expert provides a comprehensive solution for various blade configurations. The interface follows the Mastercam standard used by all Multiaxis toolpaths, ensuring a short learning curve and successful deployment. Blade Expert turns your multiblade machining challenges into routine solutions:

  • Remove the material from between the blades.
  • Finish the blades/splitters.
  • Finish the floor

Blade Expert

Portexpert iconPort Expert

Mastercam Port Expert facilitates toolpath generation for CNC cylinder head porting. It is a fast and easy-to-use software for creating multiaxis toolpaths within cylinder head ports, complex tubes, or deep pockets. This software creates accurate, efficient porting motion on surface patches or solid body data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

  • Toolpath motion can be limited to either end of a port or allowed inside both ends of a port, meeting in the middle.
  • When cutting from both ends of a port, there is an integrated link move between the cuts, as well a seamless transition where the two cuts meet.
  • Port Expert creates finishing motion that runs parallel to, or perpendicular to the flow direction.
  • Port Expert works seamlessly with Mastercam Mill 3D and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS Mill 3D.

Simply define the port shape and any geometry to avoid, then configure your tool and machining parameters. Port Expert does the rest!



Dynamic Motion™ toolpaths maximize material removal rates and can reduce cycle times by 25 to 75%. Dynamic Motion uses a proprietary set of rules to continually adjust toolpath motion to maintain a constant chip thickness everywhere on the part. This results in consistent machining performance, shorter cycle times, and longer tool life.

The secret is in the chips.
A consistent chip load is crucial to an efficient cut. Mastercam’s Dynamic toolpaths calculate the precise peakefficiency of the tool, material, and speed. When you get it right, heat is taken away in the chips, keeping the tool and part cool to the touch.You see it in uniform chip size. You hear it in how the machine runs. You’ll appreciate it in dramatically shorter run times, fewer tool replacements, and a much stronger bottom line. Optimum cutting on any geometry.
Dynamic Motion maintains conditions across the entire cut
by calculating optimum feed rate for a given material, tool, and tool
diameter. You will see that chip size never varies. You will hear
the difference, too. No chirping, squealing, or chatter. Just fast,
consistent, and safe machining.



The next leap forward in shorter cycle times. Mastercam’s Accelerated Finishing™ technology is a leap forward in addressing today’s innovative profile tools and processes aimed at greater efficiency and higher machining productivity. Collaborating with the industry’s smartest tool manufacturers, our software takes full advantage of these new tool designs to dramatically reduce finishing cycle times while actually improving surface finish.

Fewer passes. Better surface finish.
Leveraging new designs in large-radii tool profiles, Mastercam’s Accelerated Finishing maximizes tool contact area. That means fewer passes, flatter cusps, and a better surface finish.
Newly designed finishing tools increase contact area. This means
fewer passes and shorter cycle times with equal or better surface finish.

Innovations designed for your business.
Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths cut roughing times by up to 75%. And now with our exclusive Accelerated Finishing technology, total cycle times are again being dramatically reduced.

Maximum machining effectiveness is achieved at the intersection of optimal machine capability, maximum cutting tool performance, and optimized toolpath strategies. Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion and Accelerated Finishing technologies provide the toolpath performance needed to reach this goal.

Mastercam is designed to help you consistently hit the savings and performance “sweet spot” of faster run times and less wear on machines and tools.


Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion and Accelerated Finishing combine for powerful productivity gains.

For nearly a decade, Mastercam has included Dynamic Motion. Carving out massive amounts of material quickly while dramatically extending tool life, Dynamic Motion immediately saves money. Combined with vendor-specific tool support and Mastercam’s expanded Accelerated Finishing, projects come off the machine faster and with higher quality than ever before.

 Mastercam Mill has been shop-tested more than any CAM program in the world. You can count on Mastercam for real-world, proven results.

Flexible, expandable, and connected.

Comprehensive toolpath strategies provide multiple approaches for programming any part, regardless of complexity. Modify any  element, and toolpaths are updated, eliminating rework. Build libraries of your favorite machining strategies. Choose customized operations, apply them to your next job, and reduce your  programming time. With interfaces to digital tool libraries and other manufacturing software, Mastercam ensures you are ready for the next digital revolution. Fast, easy, productive — the way programming should be.