Mastercam University

Mastercam Mill 2020

This course introduces students to Mastercam 2020 Mill 2D. We start by covering the interface and discussing the overall workflow to the student. We then cover the various steps involved in programming in Mastercam, from setting up your CAM program, to design fundamentals, machine selection, basic and advanced 2D toolpath programming, and toolpath simulation and posting.

Mastercam Mill 3D 2020

This course continues to explore the power of Mastercam software. We review advanced CAD techniques including solids and Model Prep as well as explore advanced 3D toolpath programming including our dynamic toolpaths. The Mastercam Home Learning Edition (HLE) is included and can be accessed once in the course.

Mastercam Lathe 2020

Complete turning course presents design and toolpaths, including C- and Y-axis machining.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS® (Mastercam 2018) 

Learn how to use the world’s leading modeling software integrated with the world’s most widely used CAM

Mastercam Multi-Axis (Mastercam 2019) 

Learn how to create Multi-axis toolpaths plus setup considerations, part verification, machine simulation, and more.

Mastercam Mill – Turn in Lathe (Mastercam 2019)  

This course reviews how to program simple mill-turn machines using Mastercam Lathe with a .machine file. You will learn everything from part setup to toolpath creation to simulation.

Principles for Machining 

This course integrates and documents national STEM standards to present the basics of cutters, feeds and speeds, materials, and much more.

Mastercam Essentials (Mastercam 2017) 

The Mastercam Essentials Course is an excellent prerequisite to prepare students for in-person Reseller training classes. The course reviews basics on the interface, creating toolpaths, and the basics of using Mastercam. It is not meant to be stand-alone training curriculum on Mastercam and should be considered a preliminary to more detailed training. Three courses are included in this bundle:

• Mill Essentials • Lathe Essentials • Mastercam Essentials

Mastercam 2020 Mill Pretest 

This is a pretest that prepares students who wish to take the Associate Certificate Exam. The test is comprised of 30 random questions (out of approximately 125 total questions) and tests students on various topics in Mastercam. There is no time limit on this pretest, and it can be taken unlimited times. It is recommended that students take this pretest multiple times to experience a broader range of the available questions. Mastercam software is not required to take this exam

Associate Certification Exam 

This test is an assessment qualifying the foundations of a specific Mastercam product and functionality. During the exam, users might be asked to use the Mastercam CAD tools to create a design based on a simple print, and then answer questions about the process. Or, they might be asked about a specific function in Mastercam and how it is used. If they score an 80% or higher on the exam, they will receive their certification immediately. This assessment represents a solid foundation for additional learning and validates the users understanding of the basic product functions and measurable skills to navigate through the software. If a student fails the test, the system will automatically allow a retest after 20 days. Associate Certification is currently available for Mill, Mill 3D, and Lathe in Mastercam 2020.