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Mastercam Router

Mastercam Router is a fully associative CAD/CAM software tool designed specifically for routers. Streamline your 2- to 5-axis multi-tool programing with block drilling, aggregate head support, and more.

Matercam Router Toolpath

Powerful router programming tools.

Two-dimensional machining can range from simple to extremely complex. Mastercam Router offers powerful 2D tools, including pocketing, drilling, nesting, and contouring. It also allows for automated feature-based solid model programming.

Mastercam Router allows for 3D machining with a streamlined and efficient process. It also includes automated cleanup of leftover stock.

Mastercam’s multiaxis capabilities let you control the three most important elements of multiaxis manufacturing: cut pattern and tool axis control, and collision avoidance.


Mastercam Signature Parts

From wood to composites, Mastercam Router provides solutions for all of your 2D, 3D, and multiaxis challenges.

Built for flexibility and control.

Mastercam Router creates a collection of your preferred machining techniques and for easy application to new parts. Regardless of the part complexity, any changes made to the job will result in automatically updated toolpaths.

Mastercam Router is powered by Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology, which extends tool life, reduces wear and minimizes tool dwell damage. Automated Toolpathing (ATP) speeds up flat panel work by utilizing parts from the world’s best design packages.

Mastercam Router Finished Part

Mastercam Router Features

Mastercam offers functionality to improve your process

Machine Simulation

Detect collisions between your stock, tool, and machine components before sending code to your machine tool. Machine Simulation is a safe way to prove out 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis Router toolpaths to make clean, efficient, and accurate programs.

Nesting options

Standard nesting delivers a fast, efficient, and easily identifiable way of nesting. Advanced nesting gives you a variety of additional tools, including TrueShape nesting and nesting in scrap material.

CNC Engraving

You can create signs, artistic carvings, molds, and more.

Feature Based Machining

Evaluates a part’s features and automatically designs an effective machining strategy.

Local Support

MACDAC brings years of practical experience to ensure that you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

Dynamic Motion

Extend tool life with proprietary toolpath strategies that maximize material removal rate and reduce cycle times.

Add-Ons Available for Mastercam Router

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Mastercam Addon Port Expert Icon
Port Expert
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Blade Expert
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Mastercam Addon 5 Axis Curve Machining Icon
5-Axis Curve Machining
Mastercam Addon File Translator Icon
File Transfer
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Success Story

Sycamore Hill Designs

Frank Valone, owner of Sycamore Hill Designs, a company that makes pistol grips and gun stocks, encountered a job that put him over the edge. No longer could he hand program his CNC routers and keep the kind of tolerances that he needed. He found Mastercam to be very intuitive and easy to learn. His first project using Mastercam was a success right out of the gate.

About MACDAC Engineering

30 Years of Trusted Partnerships

MACDAC Engineering is the largest CAD/CAM software dealer in New England and has been partnered with Mastercam since 1991. We offer training, support, and services for all Mastercam products.

We believe in developing strong relationships with our customers, which is why so many of them have relied on us for their CAD/CAM needs for years. We primarily keep our sales local to New England so that we can better create, build, and maintain customer relationships for many years to come.

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