Mastercam Printing Problems Solution Checklist

If you have a problem where large files with shaded images do not print from Mastercam, then we have a Mastercam printing solution checklist to help you resolve the issue.

Mastercam Printing Problems Checklist:

Beginning with Mastercam X4, large images are tiled, dividing the image into sections. Each section is sent to the printer separately.

  • Ensure Mastercam is installed correctly. Run the Repair option for the installation DVD.
  • Ensure the latest graphics divers and printer driver are installed.
  • Print from another computer to the same printer. If this works, check the graphics card settings and driver and set the problem computer to the same settings.
  • Print to a different printer. If this works, compare printer settings and set the problem printer to the same settings.
  • Print from a different version of Mastercam.
  • Run memory diagnostics.
  • If a network printer, check for interference on the network.
  • Do other programs print similar files successfully?
  • Use the printer’s troubleshooting wizard to further diagnose the problem.

If there is still a problem, contact Tech Services and include:

  • A Zip2Go file from the user.
  • The make, model, and driver version of the printer.
  • The results for each of the Checklist items.

Workaround: Create and print PDF files.

Download and install a PDF printer

A PDF printer is like a printer driver that sends print data to a PDF file instead of to a printer. Some low-cost PDF printers are:

  • PDFCreator
  • Bullzip PDF Printer
  • CutePDF Writer

Determine the minimum margins of the problem printer:

  1. Run Mastercam, create an entity, and select File-Print.
  2. Select the problem Mastercam printer.
  3. Set each margin field to zero (0) and when you press Enter or Tab, the minimum margin value will display.
  4. Write down the minimum values.

Configure the PDF printer in Mastercam

Set up Mastercam printing as a PDF file:

  1. Select the PDF printer.
  2. Set the appropriate page size and print quality.
  3. Set the margins to at least the minimum values of the problem printer. This is necessary to ensure the proper print scale and to prevent the image from being clipped.
    Generate a PDF file from Mastercam:
  4. Open a part file and print it with the printer set to the PDF printer.
  5. Enter the PDF file name, when prompted.
  6. Preview the PDF file. You may have to manually open Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Use Adobe Reader or Acrobat to print the PDF file

Set up Mastercam printing in Adobe products:

  1. In the Adobe product, select File-Print.
  2. Select the problem printer.
  3. Ensure the page size and orientation are the same as set in the PDF printer.
  4. In the Page Handling section, set Page Scaling to None. This insures that the print scale is accurate.
  5. Click OK to print.

Aric Duprey

Aric Duprey is a Client Success Analyst with MACDAC Engineering / TriMech
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