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Mastercam Mill is a fully associative CAD/CAM software solution for 2½- to 5-axis machining. Dynamic Motion® technology enables quick and efficient mill programming and toolpaths.

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Go beyond your expectations.

The best foundation for precise and efficient milling.

Mastercam Mill helps produce your parts quicker, more accurately, with better quality, and greater repeatability. Our milling solutions are highly customizable to fit the needs of your shop and can easily be scaled up to meet future manufacturing requirements.

Whether your shop needs 2D milling, 3D milling, or Multiaxis machining, Mastercam Mill is designed to solve your CAM programing needs.


What's New for Milling in Mastercam 2024

As the world's leading CAM software, Mastercam Mill delivers shop-tested results, proven to work.

2D Milling

Mastercam Mill’s 2D Machining capability can handle any job, no matter how complex.

  • 3D power for your 2D parts — fast, automated 3D Dynamic OptiRough is now included in all Mill products (Entry excluded).
  • Feature Based Machining (FBM) automatically programs prismatic solid features like drill holes, contours, and pockets.
    Highly-automated, easy and safe, hole making.
  • Precision chip control for wide range of tools. Also, specialized support such as ISCAR(r),’s High Efficiency Machining tool set (HEM), and many more.
  • Many of our 2D solutions are powered by Dynamic Motion, increasing material removal rates and reducing cycle time.
Mastercam Mill 2D Milling
Mastercam Mill 3D Milling

3D Milling

Mastercam gives you unparalleled control over surface cuts and delivers superior finishes.

  • Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology enables remarkable roughing.
  • Stable scallop machining ensures consistent results on both sloped and flat surfaces.
  • Constant-Z Rest Milling (remachining), identifies and machines areas that require a smaller tool.
  • Smooth, efficient results with smart control of motion between cuts.
  • Hybrid finishing uses a single toolpath and changes cutting methods depending on the slope.
  • The pencil tracing tool is used to trace the intersections of surfaces in order to reach difficult-to-reach places.
  • Our 3D toolpaths are perfect for cutting multiple surfaces, solid models, or mesh data. They give you a smooth finish that will please even the most difficult customers.

Multiaxis Machining

Complex toolpaths, simplified.

Mastercam’s Multiaxis add-on gives you complete control over three key elements of multiaxis machining: cut pattern control, tool control, and collision avoidance.

  • Multisurface 5-axis roughing and finishing (including depth cuts), plunge roughing, and flowline machining.
  • Create a single multiplane roughing toolpath for an entire part via automatic 3+2 roughing.
  • Advanced gouge and collision detection, a “safe zone” around the part, and safe linking between operations.
  • Fast, simple swarf cutting, 5-axis trimming, and stock-aware drilling.
  • Create full 5-axis motions from a 3-axis toolpath.
  • Mastercam Multiaxis simplifies complex jobs, including 4-axis rotary cutting and roll-die cutting. Choose from a variety of multiaxis machine strategies that help you increase your productivity.
Mastercam Mill Multiaxis Machining

Mastercam Mill Features

Mastercam offers functionality to improve your process

Accelerated Finishing™

Take advantage of innovative profile tools and processes aimed at greater efficiency and higher machining productivity.

Advanced Toolpaths

Reduce costs and cut programming time with advanced toolpaths like Deburr and Equal Scallop.

Machine Simulation

Detect collisions between your stock, tool, and machine components before sending code to your machine tool. Machine Simulation is a safe way to prove out 3-axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis Mill (or Router) toolpaths to make clean, efficient, and accurate programs.

Powerful CAD

Open any CAD file in Mastercam to access modeling and prep tools for CAM programmers to get parts on and off machines quickly.

Local Support

MACDAC brings years of practical experience to ensure that you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

Dynamic Motion

Extend tool life with proprietary toolpath strategies that maximize material removal rate and reduce cycle times.

Add-Ons Available for Mastercam Mill

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Port Expert
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Blade Expert
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5-Axis Curve Machining
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