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Model 3D solids and surfaces with CAD software made for CAM programmers. Available as a separate license, Mastercam Design is included with Mastercam Mill, Lathe, Router, and Wire.

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Prep files or model from scratch.

Quickly get your parts on and off the machine.

Receiving part files from an external source can present unique challenges. There are many things you might need to do, such as repair or hiding a feature or creating an electrode. Perhaps you need to modify, streamline, or fix a complicated mesh. Or, just ensure that your fixtures are properly represented on the part.

Mastercam Design provides a strong set of tools that can be used to prepare models and ensure smooth operation. Focused mesh, surface, solid, and editing tools allow you to quickly get a part off the designer’s desk and into your machining process.


What's New in CAD for Mastercam 2024

Mastercam Design's powerful and intuitive engine gives you control over the smallest details of the most complex parts.

CAD designed for CAM.

Your CAM system will be more efficient if you have powerful CAD available to you.

Mastercam Design comes with a wide range of modeling tools. These include wireframes, surface, and solid modeling. Mastercam is a true hybrid modeling system that allows you to create, combine and machine any CAD geometry that suits your needs.

Use your existing CAD files.

Mastercam supports Model Based Definition (MBD), which allows for the preservation of design intent and accepts a variety of file formats. These include IGES and Parasolid®, SAT and ACIS solids, AutoCAD®, DXF, DWG and Inventor™ files, SOLIDWORKS ® (including history tree), Solid Edge, SpaceClaim and STEP, STL, and many more. You can also get add-on translators for Siemens NX and CATIATM.

Mastercam Design MBD

Mastercam Design Features

Mastercam offers functionality to improve your process

Direct-Editing Solids

This suite of tools found on the Model Prep ribbon allows you to modify solids that have no history to edit. You can select faces of a solid body to change the length, you can modify the radius of fillets or remove them all together. You can select bosses or cavities and move them, copy them, or eliminate them entirely.


Includes everything you need for the creation and editing of lines, arcs, splines, and points. Beyond 2D sketch creation, 3D capabilities offer unlimited flexibility to create the geometry you need with ease.


Surface modeling is an excellent way to create, edit, and display shapes from simple surfaces of revolution to complex organic shapes that cannot easily be done with wireframe. Mastercam gives you a powerful set of surface design tools for straightforward control over every detail of your work.

Robust CAD

A comprehensive suite of tools for the creation/import and editing of models to modify and prepare for machining.


Dimensions, labels, and notes are part of our drafting functionality to communicate important design information to the shop floor.

Local Support

MACDAC brings years of practical experience to ensure that you always have the support you need to get the most out of your CAD/CAM investment.

Success Story

FGP Systems Ltd.

Simon Griffiths-Hughes from FGP Systems Ltd., discusses how their long-lasting collaboration with #Mastercam has transformed and driven FGP Systems to new heights.

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