MACDAC Consulting Group

“You don’t know; what you don’t know.”

We have never been in any shop where we couldn’t offer help or expertise in one area or another; the shop floor is where we live because it’s where we enjoy being. Technology is moving so fast that no shop can completely stay up to date with it. If you think you’ve arrived, think again, as something new has already been released. Every day our team is learning, experiencing new ways to machine parts, and improving monitoring shop floor applications. 

“Your job is manufacturing; our job is technical implementation.”

Face it – you don’t have extra time to learn new methods because production cannot slow down. It’s impossible to walk away from your daily responsibilities and concurrently stay up with technology. This is where we come in! We can cut down the time it takes for your team to learn, as we have already completed the in-depth training and experience needed to teach our customers even the most difficult techniques in a minimal amount of time. We feel it’s very satisfying to go into a facility and make their day by removing the obstacles that cause stress and frustration for them on a regular basis

"You don’t have to know everything; it’s who you know.”

We have taken pride in establishing relationships with a multitude of different trade partners to assist us in improving your manufacturing processes. From machine and cutter distributers, to fellow software vendors, we have sat side by side strengthening the knowledge of each other’s products, methodology, and applications. This aides in us staying current with new technology as it arises. 

No matter the size, capabilities, or production process at your location, we are willing to work together to devise a plan to help improve your facility’s operations.

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