Design Management for High Tech

Design Management for High Tech

Efficently Manage Designs


In the high tech industry, effective design management requires that all designers share the exact same data and design environment.  Administration of the design environments of geographically dispersed design teams is greatly simplified with centralized administration at the enterprise level.   Identification and tracking of defects associated with IP blocks, and the ability to share ideas, engineering change information and to resolve product development issues and defects amongst geographically dispersed development teams are critical success factors.

ENOVIA offers a unique modular approach to design data management which is optimized for efficient design reuse and multisite collaboration. IP blocks managed as modules are hierarchically combined into designs which are correct-by-construction. Data is managed at the file level within a module, and at the modular level of abstraction as hierarchical connections between modules. As the design changes, new data is automatically replicated at each design site in module and file caches and shared across workspaces.This data sharing infrastructure maximizes performance and guarantees the most efficient use of disk space which can be especially important for large hardware and software designs.

Key Benefits

  • Connect and manage your entire design chain with a unified Design Data Management system.
  • Maximize ability to reuse existing designs and embedded software to speed time to market
  • Centralize distribution of configurations, tools and design data to reduce design errors

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