Bill of Materials Management

Bill of Materials Management

Maintain a single version of the truth


ENOVIA Bill of Materials Management empowers product engineers to create and maintain a complete, accurate, and up-to-date bill of materials (BOMs).  Today, most products require contributions from multiple disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software engineering.  This increases product complexity and, therefore, the task of creating an accurate BOM and maintaining it as changes occur through the product development process.  Enterprise stakeholders depend on an accurate BOM to purchase, manufacture, sell, and support products.  ENOVIA provides a consolidated, fully connected global or site-specific view of the bill of materials, and a common automated development and change process to maintain accuracy.  The result is improved collaboration, less rework, higher product quality and lower development costs.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline inventory management and costs by consolidating part design
  • Arm users with accurate information so the correct parts are available when needed
  • Leverage stakeholder knowledge and skills across the enterprise and improve time to market

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