Activating Mastercam Software License Without Internet Access

Follow the steps below for activating Mastercam software licenses with internet access.

Activating Mastercam

  1. On the PC without internet, in windows search for Activation Wizard
  2. Select Offline Activation/Deactivation
  3. Select Activate a New License
  4. Agree to terms
  5. Enter your activation code and license number then click next
  6. Then click Save and save the .McReq file to your desktop
  7. Click next
  8. Go to the PC with Internet access and take the McReq file with you
  9. Then go to
  10. Click browse for your .MCReq file
  11. Then click upload and verify.
  12. Verify the product info is correct then click Download your .McReq file
  13. Then put the file on your USB devise and bring it to the PC without internet
  14. Then complete the offline activation by clicking Finish installing a license.

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Aric Duprey

Aric Duprey is a Client Success Analyst with MACDAC Engineering / TriMech
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