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Design-PLM Solution

CATIA and ENOVIA is your total solution for a global market. Dassault Systems gives you the Product Design and PLM Management tools you need to meet the continuous changes in the work flow process.


CAD-CAM Solution

Mastercam is your complete solution for all your CNC programming needs. We can help you to be more efficient by programming your parts quicker, decreasing your cycle time and increase tool life.

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DNC-IIoT Solution

We have the expertise to install and maintain all your communication needs throughout the shop floor. We bridge the gap between different departments by collecting, analyzing shop floor events that can be used to streamline your entire workflow process.

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WireFree Solution

WireFreeCNC offers a complete hardware solution by connecting to any modern or legacy CNC Machine. This is the gateway to intelligent manufacturing and rapid deployment of DNC, OEE and IIot systems via wired or wireless Plug and Play operations.

Macdac Engineering, Inc.

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About Us

MACDAC Engineering specializes in helping manufacturing businesses increase their revenue through state-of the-art engineering solutions for their design, manufacturing and engineering departments. Our specialists provide professional direction to solve your simple to complex design and manufacturing needs through both our Cad-Cam software and our local support and training.