FORCAM FORCETM Bridge is the backbone of the solution. Bridge not only collects and standardizes machine data and communicates them to all other FORCAM modules, it also contains the plug-in structure to integrate third party solutions such as PLM, TDM, CAQ and SAP / ERP interfaces. Bridge ensures the solution is compatible with your existing IT infrastructure and but keeps the system open to integrate future IT systems.

Machine Communication

  • Seamless data collection from heterogeneous machine types in real time
  • Automated collection, standardization, saving and visualization of machine data
  • Reduction of manual data input and communication – and human error
  • Compatibility with all common machine PLCs
  • Plug & Produce with preconfigured machine templates

FORCAM Adapter for SAP

  • SAP / ERP communication directly from the shop floor to the top floor
  • Hassle-free installation without adaptation to SAP standard configuration
  • No need for additional SAP licenses
  • Collection of order data, machine capacities, shifts and master data
  • Real time feedback from the shop floor including time stamps
  • Integration to SAP HR and SAP PM possible

Universal ERP Adapter

The ERP adapter has exactly the same functionalities as the SAP Adapter, but is open to most common ERP systems.

Integration of third party Software

With the support of plug-ins existing software installations for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) , TDM (Tool Data Management) and CAQ (Computer Aided Quality Management) can be easily integrated into the FORCAM environment