Mastercam Overview

Mastercam Overview:

Mastercam Sales:

Macdac Engineering is the Authorized Mastercam Dealer for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.

Macdac Engineering has been supplying Mastercam sales, training and support since 1990.


  • Over 430 sales and support offices worldwide
  • 98 countries provide local training services, technical support
  • Most widely-used CAD/CAM software in the world
  • Industry leaders in education, aerospace, automotive, consumer, medical, and more
  • Over 250,000 seats installed
  • Social media interaction and a wealth of knowledge just a click away


For over thirty years, Mastercam has been at the leading edge of CAM.

(L-R) Brian Summers, Vice President; Meghan West, President; and Mark Summers, Chairman.

We’ve earned our place by continuously working to improve and innovate for the benefit of our customers.We’re dedicated to the idea that as a company — and as individuals — we are responsible for defining the next generation of manufacturing. To make this happen, we have accelerated internal processes to inspire and incubate innovation from every corner of our company. We have always taken pride in the steady flow of new ideas at CNC Software, Inc. And we believe these new initiatives will increase the speed of innovation, letting us continue to give you the edge you need in a competitive marketplace.

Mastercam’s Dynamic MotionTM toolpaths have created tremendous efficiencies for many of our customers. And now Mastercam’s Accelerated FinishingTM technology, created to support profile tools, is another leap forward in speed, quality, and efficiency.

While other software companies have cut support networks, ours remains strong and is getting stronger. The Mastercam support network offers unparalleled CAM experience, our online training delivers in-depth learning tools, and our certification program provides tangible proof of your skills.

Our goal is to always be the best CAD/CAM software company in the world. Being the best means providing excellent support, product innovation, and continuous improvement through real-world feedback from those that matter the most — you, our incredible customers and industry partners. We are optimistic about what the future holds, because we know that with you, we will have a hand in shaping it.

Meghan West
President, CNC Software, Inc.