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Mastercam Mill 2018


Why Choose Mastercam?

  • Streamlined: A remarkably easy interface has you cutting parts quickly.
  • Comprehensive: Get the most robust 2-through 5-axis toolpath generation available.
  • Smart: Intelligent toolpaths know when your part is edited and what’s left to cut.
  • Flexible: Open virtually any CAD file or use Mastercam’s built-in 3D modeling tools.
  • Supported: Work with the most professional, knowledgeable network in the industry today.


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Milling Packages:

Mastercam Mill Entry

Mastercam Mill Entry gives you the 2D toolpaths needed to machine your basic 2D parts. This package comes with all the CAD capabilities to create drawing and prints. Mastercam Mill Entry also has full solid modeling capabilities to help you keep up with the latest technologies.

Mastercam Mill Entry Toolpaths Include:

Contour Toolpath Drill Toolpath: Pocket Toolpath Area Mill Toolpath
Blend Mill Toolpath Hole Making Toolpath Manual Entry Toolpath Point Toolpath

Mastercam Mill

Mastercam 2018 Product Brochure

Serious 2D capability.

Your daily needs for 2D machining can range from simple to very complex. Mastercam Mill delivers the tools you need.

Feature Based Machining (FBM) automatically programs prismatic solids drill holes, contours, and pockets. Save or change the strategies at any time. Complete and easy control of approach, start points, and entry methods.

Contour and pocket remachining use smaller tools to automatically clean out material left from previous operations.

Radial chip thinning for a wide set of tools, plus specialized tool support including ISCAR®’s High Efficiency Machining (HEM) tool set and more.

Dynamic Motion powers much of our 2D suite, constantly adapting to create smoother, safer motion and making better use of the entire tool.

4 & 5 Axis Positioning and Axis Substitution gives you the ability to use your machines 4th and 5th to machine various plans and compound angles. This is machining made easy.

Mastercam’s 2D toolpaths deliver easy and optimized pocketing,
contouring, drilling, facing, and much more...

Mastercam Mill Advanced

Our finish is more finished.

Mastercam’s extensively shop-tested 3D toolpaths provide unsurpassed control on surface cuts, delivering superior finishes and optimized cycle times.

Our smart hybrid finishing creates a single toolpath that changes cut methods as the slope of the model changes. And our refined 3D toolpaths give you the smooth, precision finish to please even your toughest customers.

  • Cut multiple surfaces, solid models, and mesh entities (STL data).
  • Dramatically efficient roughing powered by Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.
  • Constant scallop machining maintains a consistent finish on sloped and flat surfaces alike by using a consistent 3D stepover.
  • Constant-Z rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas and critical depths that need to be cut with a smaller tool.
  • Pencil tracing walks a tool along the intersection of surfaces to clean out hard-to-reach areas. Single or multiple passes deliver precision cleanup.

The proof of any CAM software is what comes off the machine. Mastercam is crafted to help you get the best possible finish in the shortest amount of time.

Multiaxis Add-on

Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop's competitiveness, and Mastercam's multiaxis add-on offers a wide range of multiaxis machining strategies—both basic and advanced.
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With Mastercam, you have complete control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: toolpath types, tool motion, and tool axis. Streamlined multiaxis programming tools make projects easier than ever before. With features from multisurface 5-axis roughing and swarf fanning, to easy 4-axis rotary axis and roll die programming, Mastercam ensures accurate cuts and fast turnaround on even the toughest jobs.

Key Features

  • Multisurface 5-axis roughing and finishing, including depth cuts, plunge roughing, and flowline machining.
  • Mastercam's advanced multiaxis machining lets you choose what type of project you are doing, and adjusts the interface to show exactly what you need.
  • Axis limits control tool motion between defined angles, ensuring the tool tilt will not violate part or machine tool limits.
  • Advanced gouge-checking and a 5-axis safe zone around the part help ensure safe cuts in even the most complex operations.
  • Generates 5-axis code that can run any CNC machine.



Curve / Drill 5-axis

Tool axis control is what separates multiaxis toolpaths from normal surface, chain, and point toolpaths. The ability to manipulate the angle of the tool, relative to the cut pattern, puts a greater amount of control in your hands.

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The cut speed, finish quality, and tool life can all be affected with tool axis control. The power of multiaxis drill becomes apparent on parts that contain multiple holes with center lines pointing in different directions. Your multiaxis machine is capable of drilling many different holes with a single fixture setup, saving time and increasing productivity. Curve/Drill 5-axis is the perfect entry into multiaxis machining, creating quality toolpaths while reducing programming time.

Key Features

  • Curve 5-axis cuts a 3D chain or surface edges, generally for 5-axis trimming operations.
  • Drill 5-axis simplifies the creation of 3-to 5-axis drilling output for holes in a part.
  • Cost effective way to get into 5-axis machining.
  • Generates 5-axis code that can run any CNC machine.


Port Expert

Mastercam's Port Expert add-on creates accurate, efficient engine cylinder head porting toolpaths on port surface or solid data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

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It can also be used for any tube type work that is similar in design to a port. Port Expert uses a tapered lollipop tool, and has collision checks for the entire tool (shank, arbor, and holder).

There are multiple cutting options available with Port Expert. For instance, you can cut only the top; cut only the bottom; or specify how much stock to leave on the entire port. The Port Expert toolpaths use 3-axis machining as far into the port as possible, and then convert automatically to 5-axis motion with minimum tilt. This leaves no fishtails or inefficient reverse moves, and smoothly transitions where the toolpaths meet at the middle of the port.

Key Features

  • Port Expert provides both roughing and finishing toolpaths to make ports from castings or billets.
  • Geometry can be made of multiple surfaces that are stitched together since Port Expert supports unlimited surfaces.
  • Automatically calculates optimal tilt angles so there is no need to split the surface or create tool axis control splines.
  • Mastercam's simulation proceeds step-by-step through the toolpath, even showing the motion used in transition at the middle of the port.
  • Generates 5-axis code that can run any CNC machine.
  • Simplifies the programming of complex port shapes.
  • Greatly decrease programming time.


Blade Expert

One of the most complex 5-axis challenges is generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine screws. These types of multi-bladed parts are used in many industries including power generation, energy transfer, and propulsion. Machining these complex shapes usually requires special multiaxis equipment, but Mastercam's Blade Expert is specifically designed to generate the necessary toolpaths for many of the different multi-blade configurations.

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Blade Expert is a very powerful and easy-to-use custom application, designed to generate efficient, smooth, and gouge free toolpaths for these complex parts. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

Multi-blade parts come in many configurations, but Blade Expert's common-sense operation process turns these machining challenges into routine solutions:

  1. Remove the material from between the blades
  2. Finish the blades/splitters
  3. Finish the floor
  4. Finish the fillets

The interface follows the already well-established Mastercam standard, used by all other multiaxis toolpaths, ensuring a short learning curve and successful deployment.

Key Features

  • Precise, efficient, and smooth cut pattern.
  • Automatic stock model awareness eliminates air-cuts.
  • Automatic tool axis control ensures collision-free toolpaths.
  • Accurate tool tip control means seamless blending and transformation