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A First-of-its-kind Technology for Manufacturing Intelligence, FORCAM FORCE™

New IT-Generation 4.0

Manufacturers across the globe can expect productivity increases of at least 20% when using FORCAM FORCE™.

· Customers like MAHLE’s Jan Lorenz reported a 33% increase in productivity.

· Premium carmaker Audi increased productivity in their press plants by 20% within the first year.

How have they achieved such remarkable results?

Meet the latest in shop floor management technology developed together with best-in-class customers and manufacturing experts at FORCAM to satisfy today’s needs of a smart factory. The new industry standard for plant monitoring and productivity optimization caters to all manufacturing locations, all languages, all timezones and complements your Lean Manufacturing strategy effortlessly in real time.

Talk to your technology partner, FORCAM and see for yourself:

  • Monitor and analyze all plants and assets worldwide on one single platform
  • Identify and eliminate all manufacturing errors and waste
  • Enjoy user-friendly interfaces and simplified reports to manage your production process
  • Benchmark your global factory environment on any web-based device and on the Cloud
  • Amaze your team with high-performance data processing originally developed for high-frequency trading on global stock markets
  • Connect all machines on your shop floor regardless of brand and age
  • Integrate all your valuable data seamlessly with any of your IT systems (ERP, PLM, CAQ, TDM)

FORCAM proudly stands for rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) and an increase of Return-On-Capital-Employed (ROCE). Expect massive cost savings, better asset allocation, and greater margins during the production process.

Do you think your shop floor technology can do that today?

Talk to FORCAM and the many best-in-class companies that are using the first-of-its-kind technology for manufacturing intelligence, FORCAM FORCE™.