Multi Solution Event

Experts from Macdac Engineering, Spring Technologies and Zoller are coming to CCAT on 6/29.

Please join us for a discussion and demos & of a real time machining environment for the desktop to do prove outs & dry runs — With the Mastercam – NCSimul interface you can test your CAM NC pro-gram in just a few clicks.

You will also see how the interface between ZOLLER TMS, Mastercam & NCSIMUL MACHINE enables you to transfer the created tool data from ZOLLER Tool Management into Mastercam to create tool paths over to NCSIMUL MACHINE being able to simulate G-Code & optimize your tools/ tool paths in a virtual machine environment by NCSimul Solutions.

Detailed discussions, Q&A and more.

No fee to attend but sign up is required.

Date: 6/29/17
10:00-2:00 pm
Lunch provided
Location: CCAT
Advanced Manufacturing Center 409 Silver Lane, East Hartford, CT
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Phone: 860-282-4299